In which I talk about myself. Hopefully, I won’t slip into third-person. (Talking about myself is not my favorite subject.) Also, if you pick up that I’m from Australia, and yet my English in this website is US English – well aren’t you clever? :)  It’s all in US English as the USA is where the vast majority of visitors hail from :) )

Anni Taylor photo
Hi, I’m Anni.

I’m from Australia and have four great boys. I’m part-creative, part-geek, part-procrastinator.

I prefer to put things together without instructions, love the old 1950s-1970s horror comic books, love anything astronomy (which I spend more time reading about than I’ll admit to).

Also, I’m a writer – of web content and anything creative.

I first created this website in 2005 as an info resource for beginners to website-creation and seo/traffic techniques.


I hope you find something useful here at Make-Website :)