Adding Video

Add value to your website with video

Are you being left behind by not adding video to your website?

Unlikely! But video can be powerful when used where it will benefit your visitors and enhance their experience on your site.
But there’s no need to add video because ‘video will make my site interactive or exciting.’ It won’t add anything to your site unless there’s a good reason for it to be there, and at worst it could be distracting or annoying clutter on the screen.

The first thing you’ll need is a video camera (camcorder)
Research your camcorder before you buy. If you’re not sure what camcorder to buy, make sure you research carefully. Try a camcorder review site such as Camcorder Info
If you’re using the camera informally, it can be a cheapie or even your cell phone/mobile phone or still camera if your phone/still camera has video capability.

Uses for video on your website

Video as a how-to
Making how-to videos can help build trust in your products or services. If you can make an effective instructional clip that shows people how to do something, people are more likely to see you as an expert. For example, if you sell bathroom products, a video showing people how to whiten old grout might be appreciated.

Video as a series of testimonials
Infommercials on TV do it! And you can too. If you have a list of satisfied customers who wouldn’t mind becoming video stars, you could put together a series of short testimonial clips. A few words on what product or service they bought and what they thought of your business would be sufficient.
People like to know what others think of a particular product, so this type of video can be very persuasive. Testimonial videos should only portray genuine customers.

Video as company news
Has your company done anything exciting lately, or have your staff been to some big conference? Make a video of the event and display it on your homepage, or on your ‘What’s new?’ page.

Video as a product promotion
You could make videos of product that highlight features, or that show different ways of using a product that people might not be aware of.

Video as a buzz-creator
Do you have a product that is currently a hot seller? Create more buzz and put a video about the product on your site. Sell lots while you have the chance – hot sellers often don’t stay hot sellers for a long time.

Video for a travel site
Of course, nothing shows the beauty of a travel destination quite like a video.

Video as entertainment
This is probably the most recognised way that video is used. If you have a site that suits entertainment video, then go for it. But don’t go sticking youtube videos on your site just because you think they’re cool.

Video as a social medium
On sites that people use as a social outlet, videos have a natural place. Videos of other members can help create a sense of belonging in a community, and give a sense of relating on a personal level.

If having video on your site is going to take up too much bandwidth, you could upload your video to a video site such as youtube or google or yahoo video and then link to the video on your site. It won’t look quite as nice as hosting your own videos – but it is a very good solution for many people.