How can you source articles for your website?

Articles are in online magazines, newspapers, newsletters and books and websites.
Articles can add content to your website and help your website get found by search engines and also provide information or entertainment to your visitors.

Write articles yourself
Yes you! Articles can add value to your website, as they can provide information or entertainment for a visitor to your website, and search engines like well-written, original content. Now, a search engine can’t tell the difference between Chaucer and a laundry list, but it can spot pages of identical content, spelling mistakes and sites that contain spam. And the search engine algorithms are getting better all the time. Be ready, with brilliant website articles!

Have someone write articles for you
If you can’t write well yourself, you can engage a content writer (copywriter) to write some content for you.

Guest blogging
Invite bloggers to write articles for you. In return – they gain links back to their website, plus a ‘blurb’ about themselves.

Get free articles from article sites
There are a multitude of article websites that want you to copy their articles and paste them on your website? Why? – because you must place a linkback to the author when you put the article on your site, and very possibly a link to the site where you picked up the article as well.
These links become valuable backlinks for the author and article website.
In return, you get articles of your choice for your site.
These articles will also be on many (perhaps hundreds) of other websites, so it is not the same as having fresh, original content.

Start an article website yourself
There is free article-site software on the internet, or you could buy software from a company such as ArticleLive.
Your article site could be general, and include categories for all subjects, or it could be on a special subject.
Authors will submit articles to your site, and you can choose whether to take their articles or delete them. You can also import articles from other article websites.
Again, these articles will not be original, as they will also be on many other websites.
An alternative is to stipulate that you ONLY want original articles for your article site, that are not published anywhere else – but you will need some kind of compelling bonus for authors. You could pay the authors for each article, or offer them some kind of special promotion.

Where can I get free article software?
Type “article directory software” in your favorite search engine.
Be sure to do your research – some free article directories may require add-ons that you have to be pay for. They also may have ‘bugs’ (glitches)
An example of free article software is Article Dashboard