money in pocketThere’s been a lot of talk of niches in recent years.  You throw up a quick site, get it to the point where it makes around $3 – $5 per day – then move on and do it again. The theory is, a hundred or so of these sites will make you a decent amount of money each day.

Sound good? Well, yes this strategy could certainly work – but you would absolutely have to know what you were doing. It’s actually not easy to make even $1 per day in passive income from a site. A look at the discouraged-sounding posts in the affiliate and pay-per-click forums on the Digital Point discussion board will show you that.

The headaches involved with doing the necessary SEO on all these sites, gaining them links, and continually checking them all to ensure they keep their place in the search engines – it’s starting not to sound so much like passive income as damned hard work.

Don’t fall for  paying for a series of niche websites

There are people out there who make a living from creating niche websites and selling them. Often, you will be buying the same website as other people have purchased, just with a slightly different domain name. And if the content is said to be unique, many times it is simply rehashed (rewritten) content.

The thing is – it’s almost impossible to purchase a newly-created niche website that will bring in traffic. You’d be better off spending more and buying an older, established website and fixing it up.

Don’t use WordPress or any website-building software that requires constant updating

WordPress can require updating as often as every month or two. If you had a hundred small sites, that’s a lot of work. It requires disabling any plugins, installing the update and then checking that everything works  – and fixing any problems that might arise. The other problem with WordPress is that you have 100 websites all using the same theme, your network  of sites may look like a content farm to Google.

You would be best sticking to a website builder that doesn’t require updating too often, such as using the WYSIWYG Web Builder

Create something real

Niche sites can provide answers to web visitors questions and provide genuine value. Fill gaps with your niche sites, and provide well-written, well-researched original content.

Create something worthwhile, something real and permanent.  Create something you enjoy in area you have expertise or good knowledge in. Find your niche and stick to it, or build a small network of websites filled with valuable content.

You’ll find that advertisers come to you after a while, and you can also create multiple income streams from even just one well-developed website.

This isn’t to discourage those who love to gamble, and love the idea of their very own niche empire. All power to you if that’s what you want to do. But for those who want something more, building one or a few great and profitable websites might just be the better option.