A website with a combination of features

You can combine features that are generally thought of as very different to each other on your website.
Why is it important to think about the combination of features you want for your website?
Because it can be expensive and time-consuming to change or recreate your website to accomodate the new features. It can also be confusing or disruptive to any members your website has.
A business site may include community forums, or even a personal blog. The thinking behind this is to ‘humanize’ the business, and to build loyal support amongst members, readers and customers.
A travel website might allow customers to have their own holiday photo galleries.

Planning your website
Think outside the box when planning your website – you never know what you might come up with.

When ideas come to you, you might like to ask yourself these questions:

“Will this be useful to the visitors coming to my website?”

“Will this flow with the themes and objectives of my website?”

“Could this potentially confuse confuse or alienate the type of visitors who will most likely be coming to my website?”

“Will this help me to grow my website?”

“Do I have the time, resources and knowledge to implement and maintain this new feature or application on my website?”

“What are my competitors (or others in my field) doing? Are the successful entities running combination websites?”

“Does this suit the type of image I want for my website?”