Content Management System

A powerful option for your website is to use a content management systems (CMS)

What is a CMS?

A CMS is simply a system that holds all of your content, and is able to call up that content in a number of different ways.

But why would that be any different to a conventional website builder?
Conventional websites builders create a ‘static’ website – a bit like looking at the pages on a brochure.

CMS websites like WordPress are dynamic. The same pieces of content can be called up in a number of different ways – as special features, new flashes, and so on.

The template also referred to as a theme can often be easily changed, without disrupting the content.

With some kinds of static websites, you might need to re-enter or readjust all of the content if there was a change to the template.

I want to make a small website and I’ve chosen webhosting that offer free Website Builders with pre=made templates – does that mean I don’t need a CMS?
It all depends on the look you want for your website, the scale of the website and the functionality you need.

A simple blog is a CMS. Blogs allow users to easily update their sites, and allows them to easily change the template (also known as a skin or theme) of their website – giving their site a totally different look.

The biggest surprise is that WordPress blogs are rapidly being used as content management systems for websites that are not blogs at all. WordPress has the functionality to create a large business website.

All have different features, and different levels of user-friendliness.

However, except for blogging platforms such as WordPress, none are as easy as a simple sitebuilder (a sitebuilder which creates a static site.)

For a simple ‘brochure website’ that has under ten pages – a static site is generally the best option.

The majority of large websites use content management systems.

Where can I get a free CMS?

There are many free content management systems on the internet. Free content management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are used by millions of people.

If you are new to webdesign then start with WordPress, its free, scalable, there are millions of websites using WordPress and there are thousands of WP themes available.