Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy

Some people do not realize that all of the personal information they registered the domain with, such as their full name, street address, phone number and email address, can be looked up online.

Anyone can type in the domain address of a website to see this information. You can find this information at a whois website such as:

People can also use your details to send you spam and sales phone calls.

For some domain extensions, you can pay extra to have all of this information kept private. For example, a .com and .net extension can be registered under private registration.
If you are registering a domain name of a particular country – you may not be able to have your details kept private, as some countries require that your details are displayed in whois.

If you are registering a few domain names at the one time, with the same details, they are a mix of private registrations and non-private registrations – be aware that whois may list them all together as belonging to you (this can happen if all the names are pointed at the same IP number, and the root domain name is public.)

If you have a online business – having a private domain registration may not be in your best interests. Customers may want to see who owns the website, and they might feel that your website is more dependable if they can see your physical address and phone number. (Especially if these are not on your website itself.)