What extension to choose when buying a domain name

What domain name extension should you choose when buying a domain name?

The extension you choose is important when registering a domain name. Some people refer to the extension as a ‘domain ending’.


Should I buy a .com, a .net  a .info a .org or a .biz?

For most purposes, buying a .com is the wisest choice:

  • people remember the .com easily
  • people are more likely to type in a .com extension than any other
  • there is a greater resale value for good .com domain names
  • a .com can look more professional

A site with a .info or .biz extension can do well, but there is a bit of a problem with those domain extension being associated with spam websites. Because .info and .biz domain names are cheap, some spammers bought them in large numbers. If you have a .info or .biz website already and have good links going to it, there is no reason to change.  A great website can do well no matter what the name.

The .net extension is the most popular after the .com extension. There are many large sites with the .net extension. However, if you can grab the .com, this can be better because people might type in the .com version when looking for you.

The .org extension denotes an organisation, and is often used by non-profit organizations. However, it is open for anyone to register.


What if the domain name I want is already gone in a .com extension?

If you’re registering a domain name this year (2011) – the domain name you want is most probably already taken.

You can try getting creative. There are a millions of different word combinations that might suit you.

Using alliteration can help a domain name/ brand name sound catchy and make it easier to remember.

For example:


You can also add endings to a name. Imagine you have a new product or service and it’s called Noob. But the domain name noob.com is gone.

What you can do is to add words or letters to your name, such in the table below:

noobify noobio noobspark noobcreative noobia nooboo noobot noobly nooby noobs
noobi noobz noobikins nooball noobtube noobello noobfizz noobmedia noobworld noobmine
noobica noobacy noobotics noobery noobling noobpool noobthink noobtalk noobteach noobnut
noobuzz noobino noobancy noobix noobiz noobclick noobburst noobshine nooberry noobump
noobilicious noobdash noobcart noobcatch noobdesign noobworks noobie noobnuke noobstart noobeffect
noobrush noobika noobpro noobwise noobdrive noobwell noobfish noobsky noobfree noobbest

Domain name endings to avoid could be itis, osis – only because many diseases end in those. Think halitosis, gingivitis.


What if my business is local?

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant result when a user searches for something. Often, results that originate from your own country are the most useful. For example, if you are searching for a new television, you would general want to see results of local television retailers.
So if your business operates only in your own country, it’s best to choose the corresponding domain extension, such as .co.uk for the United Kingdom, .us for the United States, .au for Australia, .in for India and .ca for Canada.

If your business operates locally, you could have either a domain name that is the same as that of your business or a name with keywords related to your business.

If the domain name that is the same as your business is gone – you could add words to your name, such as design, construction, fruit or whatever field your business is in.


Should I buy a .mobi domain name?

People often buy .mobi domain names in order to create a mobile-friendly version of their website.
This can mean maintaining and updating two separate websites. Sometimes, a mobile-friendly website will just contain the most important features of a website and will direct the user to the main website if they wish to read further.

The new smartphones, such as the IPhone, increasingly have the ability to render web pages in the same way as a computer. For more information, see this article from Google on how smart phones render web pages: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2011/02/making-websites-mobile-friendly.html


What about the new domain name extensions?

There are lots of new domain extensions to choose from. If they are not here now, then they are coming soon.


africa .bank .bayern .bcn .berlin.bike .board .bzh .california
.earth .eco .eng .eus .fam .film .free .gal .gay .gmbh .green
.health .hiv .horse .hotel.irish .ker .koeln .kurd .london
.love .madrid .moscow .money .mls.miami .movie .music .naples .ngo

.one .pad .paris .peace .phone .radio .real .riga .roma

.saarland .secure .sfo .shop .scot .sic .site .skate .ski .sport

.surf .val .vegas .ven .web .wine .xxx