Free business website

Free Business Website

A business website, tailored to your exact needs, with an original and highly professional design, will normally be created by a web designer.

When opting for a free business website, expect that you won’t be able to build it exactly the way you want it – at least without paying for extra features.

But there are amazing and richly featured free options, which can get your business up and running in a short space of time!

Office Live Small Business
Office Live provides the hosting and tools to build your website, including professional business applications – allowing you to share information with employees, suppliers and vendors.
A free domain name is included for the first year.
There are paid extras such as newsletter campaigns and a store manager.
(Not available for all countries.)
Microsoft Live Small Business free website

Webs, formerly known as freewebs, is offering free websites for businesses, as well as websites for personal use and for groups.
For free, you can build a business site complete with a web store, blogs and forums. It also includes website analytics. Webs places ads on the site.
Paid options include the ability to have your own domain name and have the ads removed.

Questions to ask yourself before putting your business on a free website package:
Before starting up your free business site, find out if it will be suitable for your business.

  • What kind of uptime is guaranteed?
    A business website needs to be there around the clock. You want an uptime of 99.99% or more.
  • How fast will your website load?
    If you pack large files into any website, you will slow down the loading time for your visitors. But on shared hosting, the host may not provide enough bandwidth for even a web page of 30k to load in quickly.
  • Is the company established and reputable?
    If all the files for your website are accessible only online and only through the company itself, what happens if the company goes out of business?
    Your website could disappear overnight.
  • Is the software upgraded on a continuing basis?
    If the software for the company’s website builder is never upgraded, you will soon be left with an outdated website.
  • Are there paid options for extra features?
    If you want to take your business to the next level, you will want to know that there are features to accommodate this.
    Also, check exactly what those costs are. Will your free website begin to cost more than if you’d opted for a paid hosting and web design in the first place?