Free Directories

Free Web Directories

You can help promote your website by placing a link to your website at many directories around the internet – for free. A search for free web directories will turn up hundreds – but you do no need to list your site at all of them.
General directories have been somewhat devalued over the years Рweb users often prefer to look things up directly with a search engine query or at a directory that is specific to what they are searching for.

If you have a business that operates locally, you may be best off listing your business in a local directory – or even better – a local directory specific to your type of business.

DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory on the internet. Volunteers personally review each site before adding them.
You may wait a very long time for your website to be listed, if it gets listed at all. Websites are also added to the directory by the volunteers without a webmaster applying for a listing.

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