Free logo maker

You want a free Logo for a website? There are a number of free logo makers available that you can use at no cost to you. When making a Logo for a website it should reflect your business or website, but not overpower it. A good logo is not easy – which is why people pay money for professionals to create them one. Try to think of how the Logo will look on various devices when designing a logo, cluttered text can be hard to read when displayed on some devices.

Before you start, remember this important rule: Less is More

Most of the Logo creators use a limited number of Logo templates to help you build an attractive design. Keep that in mind, if you use a free Logo creator its very likely that your logo won’t be unique. You cannot trademark or copyright any design created with a template based Logo Creator which means it’s not the best option for a business website Logo. If you are creating a business website you should consider paying for a Logo you can copyright.


Really free?

The logo creators below are either a free trial with only time based limits or completely free to use.

We have not included any logo makers that are free to make only – you have to pay to actually download the finished Logo.



We did test quite a few free logo creators that were just plain frustrating, unprofessional or had ‘mystery meat’ navigation.

We don’t mind if they’re loaded with advertising (They have to pay for their hosting/work/time somehow) but if the advertising gets in the way of user-friendliness, we haven’t included them. User-unfriendly advertising includes a list of links that looks like navigation, but is actually a set of text ads.


Free Logo Designer Software

SoThink Logo Maker

SoThink Logo Maker offers a free Website Logo design program that is easy to use and can create logos with a modern professional appearance. The program is free to download and has a 30 day trial period which should be enough time for you to create a great Website Logo. The scope of Sothink Logo Makers customization capabilities is truly amazing, below are a few examples of Sothinks’s available logo templates.

Free Logo Maker


SoThink’s templates consist of eight categories Business, Technology, Organization, Fashion, Letter Based, Badge and Festive. The templates don’t restrict you at all, each item in a template can be modified. The size, orientation, transparency, color group and the logo image can all be modified.

The color carousel feature is a great feature for anyone lacking design skills. With four color ranges grouped together you can quickly select a color scheme for your logo that works.

When you have finished customizing a logo you “Export the Image”. When exporting the logo image you can adjust the logo’s size, resolution, add a transparent background and select either jpg or png as the file type.

Logos that you make with this program cannot be trademarked or copyrighted which means it’s not the best option for a business website Logo.



FlamingText is an online Logo Design tool which is Free to use for personal blogs, personal websites and academic use. FlamingText is more of a text based logo creator than an imaged base tool but with a wide range of special effects templates to chose from and apply to text.

Logo templates can be selected by either a Logo Category list, featured Logo, Logo name or by recently uploaded.

The only drawback in some cases is the restriction of some of the advanced text editing features such as text spacing, restricted settings are only available to premium paying users.

Free Logo Creator

Logo images created with FlamingText can be saved as either png, gif, jpg or even as a PSD file. FlamingText Logo Creator is powered by Gimp which is a free open source Image Manipulation Program.



CoolTexts is a totally free online Logo and Graphics service with no hidden fees or conditions of use. Cooltext is more dedicated to text based logo’s but it does include some shaped based templates. With a very large library of fonts and logo effects Cooltext is a very popular logo tool.

Free Logo CreatorLogo templates can be quickly previewed via the CoolText  Nav bar at the top of the page. Hover your cursor over each template name and a small preview popup will be displayed.  CoolText’s logo creator has a large number of template specific design options which include changing background images, overlaying color gradients, applying shadows and font sizing.

Free Logo Creator


 After selecting a file type for your logo it can be downloaded for free. File types include png with transparent backgrounds, jpg, gif and PSD formats.