writing jobs onlineThe following list gives websites where writers can find writing work and get paid.


This list is more for those looking for some extra income, rather than a full-time income.

A big advantage of writing articles for websites is that you can do the work from home, in your own time and your own hours. You don’t have to spend time chasing clients for work or for payments.

You don’t need to run an office or advertise.

There are sites where you write articles and then wait to see if the ads bring you any shared income. I won’t be listing those – and wouldn’t recommend those either if you are serious about making some decent money through writing online. (Although you can make money with these if your articles happen to rank well in search engine results.)

Online writing work

Make Use Of
Detailed helpful tech articles.
You get a permanent author page and a byline (credit for the article.)
MakeUseOf will promote your blog/website where posssible. (Which is great!)

Payment per article starts at $50 per article for starter authors.



Choose from over 500 subjects to write on. Be paid promptly. (As quickly as within 2 days)
Articles are reviewed in batches of five. No deadlines. International writers are welcome, although their team is mostly American.
As far as I could tell, your name is not placed with your articles. (No byline.)
Payment via Paypal.

Payment per article ranges from $10 to $14 (US)



Quality Girl
Quality Girl has been in business online since 2008.
All articles are checked for quality by their editors and you must meet deadlines.
As far as I could tell, your name is not placed with your articles. (No byline.)

You are paid $11 (US) for each article you write.



Wikio Experts
Write on a variety of subjects. Payments are spread out (you won’t be paid promptly.)
You can write in English (UK English), French, German, Spanish or Italian.
As far as I could tell, your name is placed with your articles. (You get a byline.)
Payment via Paypal.

Payment rates:

  • A fixed amount: (e.g. 3€, 5€ et 8€)

  • A variable amount: up to €3

  • A fixed amount and a variable amount up to €15

  • http://uk.wikio-experts.com/

    Founded in 2006, PureContent pays writers and editors from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and others.
    You are matched to projects according to your expertise.

    Pay rates: Variable. I wasn’t able to find out if there are any set rates.


    Demand Studios
    At this time, writers are only sourced from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. (May 2011)
    At Demand studios, you can write articles for large websites such as LiveStrong and USAToday. There are hundreds of thousands of assignments – including editing, writing, video-making and many other roles.

    Pay rates: Variable and paid twice weekly.