Good stuff

Good stuff for your website is all the good things we can find for you around the internet :)


Site Builders

For people who want to create their own site but have no or little experience with code (such as XHTML and PHP) website builders are brilliant.

Be warned though – some website builders are so basic and limited that you may easily become frustrated trying to put together a web site using one of them.
Never pay for web hosting just because the hosting comes with a free site builder – unless you fully test the software before purchase, and you’re completely happy with it.
If there is no fully functioning demo that allows you to fully test the website builder before purchase – run away!


Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and keyphrases are the terms that best describe the content on each individual page of your website.

It is to your advantage to choose the phrases that web users would type into a search engine to find your type of product or service. It’s best best to target one to three key phrases for each page.

Niche Websites

A niche site is a speciality site – for example a site that is only about growing pumpkins or model cars. Niche sites can more accurately or comprehensively meet the needs of particular groups of web users than a more general site. A popular niche site can also position the site’s owner as an expert in the subject


Website Questions

The following are mostly questions that have been sent to us, with the rest being search terms that people found our website through.
And so we have a wide variety of questions!


Adding Video

Video can be powerful when used where it will benefit your visitors and enhance their experience on your site.
But there’s no need to add video because ‘video will make my site interactive or exciting.’ It won’t add anything to your site unless there’s a good reason for it to be there, and at worst it could be distracting or annoying clutter on the screen.


Domain Name Privacy

Some people do not realize that all of the personal information they registered the domain with, such as their full name, street address, phone number and email address, can be looked up online.

Anyone can type in the domain address of a website to see this information.


Best Web Hosting Services

It’s pretty easy to find lists of the top 10 web hosting services. Finding the right hosting for your individual needs is trickier.

Some web hosts seem to come loaded with extras.

Should you go for the web host who offers the most features, free gifts, the most disk space or the one with the best reviews?