website like an investment property

You can think of a website as being like an investment property.

If you were to renovate a property, what would you do to make it more appealing?


Clear the clutter?
Every pixel on your website is ‘real estate’. Use it to promote a clean, professional image. Clear off the clutter and replace it with well-thought-out spaces. And perhaps even clean up the code while you’re at it!

Give your site a repaint?
Your site’s homepage is like the front of a house – the yard and facade give a certain image about the owner. Peeling paintwork, cracked concrete and leggy lawns are never a good look – and neither are shabby, outdated elements on your homepage. If the colors are looking jaded, modernizing the colors will give your site a new look. Replace the header and menu to match the new colours.

Complete knockdown and rebuild?
If your entire site is sagging, and desperately needs updating, it might be time to throw out it out and start again. If you have a large site, this is can be a huge task. But the results can pay for themselves as new web users are attracted to your website.

Thinking of buying a property?
What do you weigh up when you’re thinking of buying a house as an investment?

If you’re considering buying someone else’s website – look at each site through the eyes of a property investor.

  • Is the website undervalued? Can you spot hidden potential?
  • Does the website look neglected and ugly? Would a quick renovation give it new life?
  • Is the website underutilized? Could you easily add some features that will interest web users?
  • Is the website practically heritage-listed (a golden oldie)? On the net, prime real estate can be thought of in terms of the amount of years that a website has been on the online. The older it is, the more respected it is by search engines. Older websites have proved the test of time.