Information Websites

This website, is an information site.
A well-known comprehensive information site on the internet is (the English version is
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is being continually edited and put together by internet users.
Information can also take the form of videos or audio on the net.

Adding information to your site

Even if your site is not going to be strictly an information site, it’s often a good idea to include some information for people coming to your site. Search engines also love good quality, original content. (Search engines do not discern between the literary style of Chaucer and a real estate ad, but can tell if a site is ‘spammy’, or has the exact same content as another site.)
And search engine algorithms are getting better al the time – so be ready with top-class written content!
Imagine you are selling kites – you could add a kids page on how to make your own kids. Whatever you add – ensure that it will add interest and value to your web visitors. Content for the sake of content is useless.
If you are unsure how to go about adding information to your sales website, take a look at Ebay to see how they add in information that may be useful to their customers.
An information site can feature a special hobby or interest of yours. If you happen to have a hobby or interest that not many other people on the internet have made a website about – you may get a lot of people who share your interest coming to look at your website.
Niche sites
Small information sites that feature special subjects are called ‘niche’ websites. Many niche sites do very well, because the person who started the website is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. They get a name as someone who really knows their stuff.
For example, you might want to start a website that has information about babies. To start up a  “Baby information website” is too broad. You will be competing with thousands of sites that already well established.
It’s best to narrow the subject down to a special area – for example ‘Best baby car seats’ or ‘toys for crawling babies’.
With decent traffic (numbers of people coming to your site) you may be able to start selling something related to your niche, or sell advertising space.
Writing a guide
Guides provide information on how to do something. The site, is an example of a site that provides instructions on how to do just about anything.
Article sites
Some sites consist purely of articles – sometimes up to thousands of articles, written by thousands of different authors. Type “article sites” into a search engine to find many sites that contain articles. Different sites may contain many of the same articles, as authors may submit them to hundreds of article sites. is an example of a very popular site that contains thousands of articles, and also podcasts, video and images.