Make your own blog –  for free

The world of blogging is fast and furious.
Well-known bloggers on the internet update their blogs multiple times a week – perhaps even multiple times a day. A blog can be your whole website, part of your website, or you can link to your blog from your website.

If you want to make your own blog, there’s a few different ways you can go about it.

What are blogs?

Blogs are sites where (usually) a single person posts regular information. Bloggers often read each others blogs, and network in this way. Blogs are widely read by people from all walks of life. You’ve probably read sites that you didn’t realise were blogs. Blogging is big business, with the top blogs making many thousands of dollars per week.
If your aim is to create a blog with a huge readership and to make a name for yourself – you will generally need your own domain name and your own hosting.

If you would like to dip your feet in into the blogging world, or you would simply like a blog to keep as a daily diary – and have no plans for a mega-blog site – then a free blog hosting service may be for you. In any case, you can often import posts from a free blogging software such as Blogger to your own self-hosted blog later on.

Free blogs with free hosting

Extremely simple to use. You can add photos and videos to your blog entries. Owned by Google.

Again, super simple. Fun and easy, with an option to upgrade.
WordPress has a solid reputation of being the best blogging software there is – and for good reason. There are thousands of incredibly good free themes and extensions (plugins) to choose from and WordPress allows a lot of customization.

Yahoo Pulse
Yahoo Pulse replaced Yahoo 360. Yahoo Pulse is more than a blog. You have profiles, blogging and lots of networking features in the one package.

Super-quick and painless blogging.


Free blog on your own hosting
Again – WordPress is amazing. And if you want full functionality and control, a self-hosted WordPress blog is hard to beat. Head to and download the latest version. If you’re new to WordPress, it requires a greater learning curve to get a grip on the software than the free-hosted version that you can find at But it’s well-worth the effort.

Free blog on a membership website

Many sites sites offer their members a blog facility, where they can keep their own blog and interact with other members through their blogs. Examples of this are some business networking, parenting, photography websites.
There are also blog directories where you can keep your own blog – and web visitors can browse the blogs according to their interests.

Too many to list!

Blogs of interest

Read it for the archives alone. If you ever wondered if it’s possible to make some money from a blog – read this.

If you like weird stuff, you’ll love this blog.
Shoemoney has a very popular blog – and has been extremely succesfsful in making money online in a number of areas.