Creating intro, promotion and book trailer videos

Creating intro, promotion and book trailer videos


Do your friends and family marvel at the videos you put together? Are you a whiz at meshing special effects, text and music together? Then you have a talent other people want and will pay for.
And – these videos only have to be between 10 and less than 60 seconds long!


So, what do people need video for?

  • introduction videos for their product or service presentations
  • book trailers for their self-published books
  • creative ways of presenting text logos
  • animation
  • and more!


What do I need to get started?

  • First, you’ll need a free website or blog where you can present your videos and tell people about what you offer and your prices.
  • You definitely need a portfolio of your best work to show people.
  • You need to ensure any images, video, music or other that you use in your videos are either your own or in the free domain (or that you purchased and have the necessary rights for).
  • You’ll need to inform customers that they are solely responsible for copyright issues for any images, video, music or other they supply – and that you have no responsibility for them. You can do this by having a disclaimer clearly stated on the order form. (You’ll have an order form on your website for customers to buy videos from you, unless you’re selling through an online marketplace.)


How and where can I find people to buy my videos?

  • Make a Facebook page for your business. Ask your friends to Like your business page and spread the word!
  • Make a Twitter account and network with your chosen target market (eg. indie authors, business owners etc.).
  • Join Fiverr and sell your videos there. Here’s an example of a successful fiverr video gig.
  • Hang out where your target market does and get known. Some forums allow signatures where you can link back to your website. Just don’t spam! Everyone hates it when people join a community just to post about their business.


An example of a book trailer made with a few simple photographs, yet wonderful animated flourishes and text: