Modeling for photographs for book covers

Modeling for photographs for book covers


Modeling for book cover photographs opens up an interesting possible source of income. So why are people looking for photographs of teenagers for book covers? It’s because of the massive numbers of books for young adults coming onto the market. If you’re ever been interested in modeling, and you have a friend who is a great photographer, this may interest you.
This is definitely something you will need your parents or carers’ permission to do.


What do I need?

  • An interest and ability in modeling
  • A friend who takes amazing photographs – you’ll need to team up.
  • Costumes – faery, angel, historical etc
  • Background settings


What should I wear?

  • Beautiful dress – just a girl in a lovely dress. As you can see, dresses on Young Adult covers are very popular
  • Contemporary – just a girl or boy, or both, in jeans or casual clothing
  • Angels – long flowing dresses, angel wings.
  • Fey or faery – magical setting, flowy dress, faery wings.
  • Fantasy – magical setting, casual clothing, dresses or fantasy clothing
  • Historical – all time periods – Roman, Medieval, Victorian etc
Note: Always be fully clothed in any photos!
Should the photographs be ‘photoshopped’ afterwards?


Yes! ┬áThe photographs on covers have a larger-than-life feel about them, and may have special effects added. Many models barely resemble the finished product – especially if they are in costume and have had fantasy effects added.


Can we make money doing this?

It depends on the quality of the photograph and a lot of luck!


Where can we sell the photographs?


Note: We do NOT recommend selling photographs from your own website. The big photography sites have thorough copyright laws spelled out, and will sue anyone using images that do not adhere strictly to their licencing, including where the images are used and what they are used for.