How to make a book review blog

There are thousands of book review blogs out there. This is a guide to making your own so you can get in there and join them!


Why make a book blog?

It’s natural to want to share your experience after reading a book, and a book blog allows you to do that with a wide audience.

A review blog is like a reading journey, where you keep all your thoughts and impressions of the books you’ve read.

You may score free books – from publishers and authors who’d like you to review their books. Not everyone who asks for free books will get them though – they’re in limited supply.

The bigger your blog gets, the more chance a publisher will come to you with offers of ARCS (Advance Reader Copies).


How to choose a theme or structure for your book review blog

With all the review blogs out there, it pays to do something a little different – especially if it fills a gap. This could be the way in which you review or the genres that you review or the extras you include on your blog.

Grab a notepad and make a list of all your favorite books from the past year. Is there a common thread? Are there particular types of books you like best?


Write your ‘book review’ policy

This should be written before you create your blog, because it can help you work through the types of books you really want to read and review.

Which genres will you review and which will be on your ‘I do not review’ list? Will you review self-published books or only those published by one of the big, traditional publishers? What formats will you accept – print only, e-book only, kindle-ready only? etc


Are you teaming up with others?

A blog can be a lot more fun when it is written with other bloggers, and take the pressure off you. You can also make a blog ‘big’ a lot quicker with a team.


If you intend to review self-published authors …

Be aware that you can soon become swamped with requests for reviews. Don’t take on too much and then feel that you have to spend all your spare time reviewing books! Be very selective.


Where do I go to create my book blog?


There are lots of ways to go free when making a blog, but Blogger is the one most used by book bloggers. You can customize and change your blog’s backgrounds, colors, fonts and layouts with a few clicks.


Examples of book review blogs:

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