How kids can stay safe online

How kids can stay safe online

Pink birdI’m a kid – how can I stay safe on the internet?

There are different ways of staying safe online. The best thing to do is to talk about the websites you visit with your parent, caregiver or teacher, and to have those grownups read information about keeping you protected.

Some websites are private – after you make the website, or join it, or create a group within the website, only you or a certain group of people have access.

Internet safety for kids

If it’s a public website (that anyone can read) or a chat site, don’t tell:
– your full name
– your address
– your phone number
– the name of your school
– where you go to play or any other identifying information

Is it okay to talk with kids my own age online?
It’s hard to know who is who online.  Even if the person has a photo of themselves and it’s a photo of a kid, it still doesn’t mean that the person is who they say they are.
Someone who says they are ten might really be much older – they might even be an adult. Always take care not to give out any personal details when talking to kids you don’t know online.

There are virtual worlds for kids, such as Club Penguin, that are monitored.
Your parents, carer or teacher should know about all of the sites that you visit and should know about any websites you make.

What if kids are saying mean things about me online?
If other kids are saying mean things about you, or to you, online, this might make you feel bad. The other kids might even be bullying you. Bullying is a serious issue and you should not try to deal with it on your own. Talk to a trusted adult about what is being said, and about how you are feeling. You might be able to block certain people from seeing you online or you might make a decision not to visit certain websites. You might also be able to report the behavior of certain people to the moderators or administrators of a website.

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For Adults

I’m an adult – how can I keep my children safe online?
– Be aware of sites that your child visits
– Use a web safety filter
– Have the family computer in an area of the house where the family gathers
– Spend time with your child on their favorite sites, and chat about online safety as you share in the fun of the website.
– If your child makes their own website, let them know what they can and can’t put on the website.
– Read online websites about protecting your family online for the latest information.

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