Make a website for free for kids

Pink bird makes a free website for kids

Kids, if you want to make a website for free, you’re in luck!

There are lots of sites out there where you can go and build web pages for kids – and better still, some are especially for kids.
You can even make your own games, movies and story books!



Kerpooflets you make movies, stories and pictures to share online. You get scenery and backgrounds, characters, speech bubbles and more. You can even draw your own
picture to add into a scene.
It’s not exactly like making your own website,but if this is the kind of thing you wanted to do with a website – well it’s all here for you!
Owned by Disney.

My Pop Studio
For teenage girls. Create in a TV Studio, Magazine Studio, Digital Studio or Music Studio! Very cool!



My Family
With My Family, you can make a website for your whole family. You can put special family photographs, news and write funny family stories to share with all members of your family.
Make sure you ask the grownups in your home if it’s okay before you start!

Family Crossings
Build a website with social tools. Just choose the free version! Ask grownups in yuor family before you start.



Create a project with other students at school.



Kodu Game Lab
Make your own game to play online or for the X Box
If you were going to make a game website, this could be what you want!

Make a Hidden Object game
You can’t put this on your own website, but you can create your own Hidden object game for others to play! Use your own backgrounds and then choose from a huge list of fun objects to hide!



Shutterfly Share Site
If you are a budding photographer, the kind of website you can create here might suit you.
Show off your photos to family and friends.



Story Jumper
If you wanted to make your own book – you can do that here!
(You have to pay to publish a book, but otherwise it’s free :) )


Kids Learn To Blog
For kids under 13. Where you can learn blogging safely.
Information on how to write blog posts, add video, music and all kinds of all cool things.
And make your own free blog site.

Your teacher at school will need to set this up.
All students in a class can have thir own blog in a safe, protected environment.


With Webs, you can make a brilliant free website – for yourself or for a group you belong to.



Make a website for free for kids with games
How to make a website for kids with kids games – all for free.

Easy free logo maker – Cool Text
Suitable for kids

Free clip art and images
Especially for kids

Create a web show like icarly
If you like and want to make your own web show.