Make a website for free for kids with games

miniclip arctic drift

Arctic Drift from Miniclip Games

If you want to make a website that has games for kids to play, then we’ll show you where and how.

A great games website can increase visitor engagement and interest.

You’ll need a website and then all you need to do is to get the code for the games you want and put the code on your website pages.

We’ve chosen the games websites where the games code can simply be copied and pasted in a page. We didn’t include the games where the code needs to be downloaded and then parts of it uploaded via ftp to your website¬†– because if you’re using a free website provider, often you can’t upload via ftp. In other words – we’ve made it simple! :)

First, you’ll need a free website

You want a free website to put games on?

Go here to get yourself a website for free!

Then take a look below at the places online that you can grab games to put on your site.

Where to get free kids games for my website

Did you know you can get games for free to put on your website?
You can choose single games or place a whole games arcade or catalogue on your website.

GameTreat games
The games are high quality full version games made with flash. You can choose to have a games catalogue or just a single game on any of your website pages.
GameTreat games use an ad-supported business model, which keeps them free to play and free for webmasters to place on their websites. If your website has large traffic (over 10,000 unique visitors per month) you may be able to share in the ad revenue.
We did have problems trying to play a few of the games we tested on their website – we received a message that our computers didn’t have the right configuration.
For self-hosted WordPress blogs, GameTreat has a plugin.


Miniclip for Webmasters
You can get games for free at Miniclip to place on your website. You need to copy the code and put the code on your website’s pages.
The Miniclip Games Arcade has hundreds of games and the games also update (change) every week.
For example, to place this Zombie game on my page, I just copied the code and pasted it in.
Play Games on

Games at - Zombie Defense Agency
Zombie Defense Agency

Defend against the Zombies migrating into your town!
Play this free game now!!

Miniclip for webmasters

Addicting Games

Addicting Games for your website

At Addicting Games, you can grab their games code and embed it into your website pages.
The graphics are simpler than other some other free games providers, but there are lots of games to choose from.
Just keep clicking the ‘See More Free Games’ link at the bottom of the page at Addicting Games to keep seeing more of their embedable games.
Addicting Games embedable games

Games plugins for WordPress

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install games for free.
Note: This is a for a self-hosted WordPress blog only. Make sure you check that any plugin you want to use has been updated to the latest version of WordPress.
All of the plugins listed below were current in June 2011.

Choosing great games


Seriously, there are a load of weak games out there. It may be best to play a game before selecting it to put on your website. A poor game may leave your visitors feeling frustrated or even annoyed. This is also true of educational games – they should be fun to play or the educational value may be lost.
Some games websites are gender-specific (meaning that the games are either for boys or girls). If your games are gender-specific, it can be best to put in a good mix. Not all girls only want to play cooking, cleaning and fashion games and not all boys only want to play smash-it-up, shoot-it-up and car games.
Choose the games that will suit the type of visitors that will be coming to your website. If your website targets the under-five category, then you won’t want to include any games that may frighten them. If your website targets the under-ten category, you may not want to include such games as boyfriend, casino¬†or violent games.