Websites of non-profit organizations

Try to get your website for free
If your non-profit organization is very small, there may be Web Design companies in your local area who would be willing to create a website for free for free. You can always ask!
There may also be government or council initiatives whereby you can receive free hosting.

If you are thinking of starting up a non-profit organization
Nonprofit ventures are generally not taken on lightly. There are complex legal considerations.

The starting point of any nonprofit venture should be the “why”. What is the purpose of the organization? Why should it be started up? Are there other organizations already doing what you want to do? How would your organization offer a different service and why is it needed?

Write up an information sheet on your proposed organization – it should encompass the why, when, how, who and where – be specific, and be sure to include information on the people and groups who will benefit, the values and ethics of your organization and a clear overview of your organization.

Later, you can work this information sheet into a mission statement.

Domain names
A domain name for a non-profit organization will commonly have the .org extension.
(org is for organization.)

Non-profit resources
A “global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources.”
Information on jobs, groups, volunteers, events and programs – and much more.

National Council of Nonprofit Associations
“The network of state and regional nonprofit associations serving over 20,000 members in 41 states and the District of Columbia. NCNA links local organizations to a national audience through state associations and helps small and midsize nonprofits: manage and lead more effectively; collaborate and exchange solutions; engage in critical policy issues affecting the sector; and achieve greater impact in their communities.”

Starting a nonprofit organization
A library of information and materials for those who are wanting to start a nonprofit organization.