Creating a personal website

A personal website is often about yourself and family.
It can include:
  • your interests
  • holiday adventures
  • amateur photography
  • food diary
  • weight loss journey
  • parenting experiences
  • updates to family and friends
Personal websites can also contain your views and opinions, or even rants!
A large amount of personal websites are hosted on  free websites . They are often diary-style blogs, or photo gallery sites. Proud parents often like to post photos of their babies and children to a personal photo gallery.
Scrapbookers and crafty people enjoy networking through personal blogs, where they can upload their work and leave comments on other scrapbooker’s blogs.
An owner of an online business may keep a blog as a way of adding a personal touch, and to keep customers updated on new products and directions in the business. This kind of website crosses over into business promotion.

Privacy on a personal website
An important rule of a personal site is: If you don’t want the world to know about it, don’t put it on the internet.
You switch put your settings to private on such sites as or you can use the robots.txt function to stop search engines spiders crawling your website or from crawling certain pages.
But to avoid mistakes, if you don’t want your information, videos or photos getting ‘out there’ on the internet, it’s really better not to put them there in the first place.