Networked Blogs for blog promotionHow you can promote your blog and get more traffic with Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs is a social blogging network that is integrated with Facebook.

You can follow other blogs through Facebook and other people can follow your blog. You can use the Networked Blogs applications to set up ‘follow’ widgets directly on your blog.


How do I set up Networked Blogs?

1. You need a Facebook Profile
You’ll need your own Facebook profile set up. Many people already have a Facebook profile and so are good to go!

2. Go to Networked Blogs and click ‘Add Your Blog’
You can’t miss the big ‘Add your blog’ button on the home page :)

Add your blog


3. Networked Blogs verification
You can choose to ask your friends to verify you or you can choose to add code to your blog (which adds a widget to your blog.)
Adding the widget can prove difficult in some instances, such as if your blog theme doen’t include a sidebar or footer where you include the code.

networked blogs verification


4. Add the widget or the badge
If you decided to not to use friends verification but the widget isn’t working for you, you can choose the badge – which should give you less problems.
You choose ‘Install Widget’ or ‘Install Badge’
Copy the code, but don’t close the page because you’ll need to go back there. Go to your blog and add the code to your sidebar (or footer)

widget verification

5. Verify
After you’ve done¬†added the code¬†– be sure to come back to the page where you copied the code and click Verify – which is a big button towards the bottom of the page.
You’re done! Now you just need to get followers!