Publish website

Publish your website

Time to publish your site? If your website has been hard work, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief when you finally send it off into the wild blue web.

Road test your website after publishing
After publishing your site, ask or beg your family and friends to give it a road test – to ensure that all the links are working and that there are no glitches or elements out of place. If you belong to a forum where people are making their own websites, ask them to test it for you. Check for deadlinks with this handy checker:

How do I publish my site?
This depends on what software you have used to complete your site, and which web host you are using. Your website host should provide instructions on how to publish – check their support information – or ask them!
Keep reading to gain a better idea of how you can get your website published.

WordPress websites can be published as you create each page or you can wait until you have created all pages. If you choose to wait until all pages are completed it is a good idea to install an under construction WordPress Plugin. This type of plugin is normally installed when you open WordPress for the first time, then turned the plugin off again when its time to publish.

Automatic installers
Some web hosts come with automatic installers for certain software – such as Installatron, Fantastico and the newer Quick Install.
With automatic installers, you install your software with a few mouse clicks. You can make your site visible or not visible to the public while you are setting your website up. In WordPress this function is Listed under the Settings Menu – Sub Menu Reading, ensure you check the Search Engine Visibility checkbox (Discourage search engines from indexing this site). Just remember to deselect this option when the site is ready to plush.

Hit the ‘publish’ button!
Yes, with some software, such as Swsoft Sitebuilder (when it comes included with hosting) and VodaHost’s Blue Voda – you really do just click a publish button, and it is all done for you.
Some will publish your whole site every time. Blue Voda publishes one page at a time.

Some newbies will be scratching their heads when they first learn that they will need to FTP their site to their web host’s server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
You use an FTP client to transfer your files to your webhost’s server and publish them to the net. There are many different clients available, both free and ones that you can buy.

Free FTP Software

Robust, well-known ftp software. Can be difficult and complicated for newbies to use.

CoffeeCup Free FTP
Our favorite. It’s drag-and-drop simplicity

Here is some information on FTP to read:

Tutorial:Introduction to FTP

FTP video instructions
For those of you who would prefer to view video instructions, you could try searching