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choosing the best website builder

For people who want to create their own site but have no or little experience with code (such as XHTML and PHP) website builders are brilliant.


Be warned though – some website builders are so basic and limited that you may easily become frustrated trying to put together a web site using one of them.
Never pay for web hosting just because the hosting comes with a free site builder – unless you fully test the software before purchase, and you’re completely happy with it.
If there is no fully functioning demo that allows you to fully test the website builder before purchase – run away!

Make a list of the features you want in your website, and then check to see if the website builder comes with those features. The best site builder for you may be very different to the one that suits the next person.

Before you buy a Website Builder, think about:

  • Your level of experience with site builders
  • General web page building experience
  • The features you want
  • Whether the site builder comes with a web host or is separate

Pre-purchase questions you might want to ask before buying a web builder:

  • Does the website builder come with an automatic installer to install the software? Or will I have to install it myself?
  • If I have problems in uploading or installing your website builder, will you help me to upload or install it?
  • What kind of URLs does the site builder create? Are the URLs search-engine friendly?
  • Is this site builder being updated on a continuing basis? Will I be able to get a free upgrade to future versions?
  • How many instances of the site builder do I get per purchase (or per hosting package) Example: One only, two only, unlimited?
  • How many pages can I make? Example: One only, five only, unlimited?
  • If the site builder is attached to the hosting – How much disk space and how much bandwidth am I allowed for the website I want to build?
  • Are there free templates included? How customizable are the templates – can I add my own banner and logo?

Features to look for (You decide what you want or need)

  • Photo gallery
  • Online shop or shopping cart
  • Paypal facilities
  • Ability to insert ads and HTML scripts
  • Multimedia capabilities – music, videos
  • Password-protected areas
  • Membership – the ability to have visitors register at your site
  • Integrated forum
  • Contact form
  • User-defined forms
  • RSS capability


Great website makers

Here are examples of popular website builders.



Online site builder demo:
Soholaunch is extremely popular with people starting up their online shop. It comes with an extremely easy to use shopping cart, where you simply drop in photos of your items. “….product categories, shipping methods, tax rates, payment options, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.”
Items are dragged from a menu into a grid. You can have blogs, event calendars, email newsletters, form builder, and even a talking character.


WYSIWYG Website builder
Online site builder trial download:
The WYSIWYG Web Builder has a higher learning curve than some other site builders – it may take you several weeks to get your website how you want it. But this may be because you’ll be busy trying out all the features!
If you just want a very basic website, you can actually build it within hours. A one-page website can be built within 30 minutes. It’s a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) builder – which means that you build everything right there on the page.
With the WYSIWYG Web Builder, you can build a site from the ground up, exactly the way you want it. If you can imagine it, WYSIWYG Web Builder has the features to enable you to build it.

For a total newbie, some things may be confusing, or take a little time to understand – the tutorials cannot cover everything because there are many different paths you can take when building your site.
But with an active and friendly support forum, there is help all along the way – and thousands of people without technical or programming skills have built their site with this website builder.
For the degree of customization available, WYSIWYG Web Builder is strides ahead of other site builders. You can download it for free to your hard drive, and design your site. But the free version is just a trial – you must pay for the full version. The full version is a low-cost solution to build your website with.