Website Questions

Website Questions


The following are mostly questions that have been sent to us, with the rest being search terms that people found our website through.
And so we have a wide variety of questions!

Q. Can I have as many domain names as I want?
Yes, you can have as many domain names as you want. Some people invest in domain names as a business, and they might have thousands!

Q. Can I register domain names with the extensions of other countries?
Some countries allow anyone to register their domains with the extensions belonging to their countries, while others have strict controls and require you to be a citizen of that country.

Q. Where can I find the best web host?
Some people become disgruntled with a good web host because they don’t understand how to use the control panel or software and end up needing far more support than the host is able to give.
You need to find your comfort level, and go with the host who provides the features that match your level. The best web hosting is the one which works for you.
The three features that every good web host must have are fast server speed, reliable servers and at least 99.5% uptime.
In regards to the software you want to run, your web hosting must also have the features required to run it – such as SQL databases. Many web hosts run ‘pre-sales’ forums where you can ask questions – or you can email them.

Q. How do I make a website searchable?
You can add a search box on every page.  Website protocol is to place the search box at the top right hand corner. You can find free java or html searchbox scripts on the internet.
Or – if you meant by ‘making my website searchable’ you wanted to know how people can find your website through a search engine – you need to think about things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and placement of key phrases on every page.

Q. How do I make a login website?
You can find script for this, or use a free or paid content management system. (CMS) Many types of CMS come with a login/register facility built in.

Q. Should I buy a package with web hosting, site builder and domain name all included?
It depends! If you were going to be ecstatically happy with your web hosting and the site builder – then yes. But if you were to become unhappy with the service your web host provides, or disappointed with the site builder – then the answer would be no.
It is generally better to register your domain name separately. It’s also usually wise to have a site builder that you keep and edit on the hard drive of your own computer, that can be published with any number of different web hosts. This gives you flexibility and control.
There are exceptions. This website for example, uses hosting and a site builder from the same company – VodaHost. It all comes down to finding the best and most reliable tools for you to get your website on the road.

Q. How do I create a php website?
If you wish to learn php, try starting with the links to php tutorials on our resources page.

Q. What is ‘White Hat’ and ‘Black Hat’ SEO?
Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) are often termed either black hat or white hat.

People who employ black hat methods to improve a web site’s ranking and traffic will use aggressive means to achieve these things, whereas people using white hat methods will basically follow the guidelines set out by google. (Google Webmaster Guidelines)
Black hat methods might venture into areas that will have your site banned by Google.

For instance, webmasters might misrepresent their website in order to get you to visit.
If you were walking down the street and decided to walk into a bakery shop – you’d be confused at  finding yourself in a mobile telephone shop once you’d stepped inside. You might end up buying something because the specials on mobile phones were good – but is the tactic used to get you into the shop really fair?

Cloaking is another Black Hat method – showing one page to Google and a different page to web users.

Note: SEO refers to both Search Engine Optimizers and Search Engine Optimization.

Note: There are also those who call themselves grey hat or blue hat optimizers, which are in between white and black hat.

Q. How to make a website com? 
We find that people arrive at our website a lot through these two search terms. So we thought we’d address it here!
What we think people mean is this – they want to make a website with the .com extension at the end.
You can have a domain with a number of different extensions – such as .com, .net, .org etc.
It’s getting harder and harder to get the website name you want, especially if you want a .com, as this is the most popular.
Take a look at our domain names page to find out how to register a domain name.

Q. Make your own website for free
This is another search term we’ve had three or four times.
You have a lot of options if want to make your website free of charge.  Take a look at our free websites page for more information.

Q. Make a website for making money
There’s a few different ways you can go about making money on the internet. The most obvious is with an online shop.
There are lots of less obvious ways of making money online. Our work from home page has ideas and information.