What features do I want and need for my website?


The features that you choose will affect the look of your website and the way in which it is built. You don’t want to to build your website and spend weeks on it, only to find that it all has to be scrapped in order to better accommodate an important feature.


Start thinking about…

– Which features are most important?

– Which features would add the most value for visitors/customers to my site?

– Which features are so essential that my site could not exist without them?

– Which features could I want into the future?

– Do I want to start small or large?


Once you have a good idea of what you want, start researching the various options for each application. Start planning…

– A name for your site

– The look that you want for your site

– How the features of your site will integrate with the whole.


Sketch up the main pages of your website, according to the features that you have chosen.

– Find out what you need to run any applications before you go ahead and and buy web hosting. Ensure that your web host has what you need.


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