Why do I want a website?


This question might seem like it’s asking you to state the (patently) obvious.
But asking yourself why can help narrow down the choices. Some people start out in entirely the wrong part of the net and end up with their fingers burned.

How do people get it wrong?

I want what she’s having
You feel as though you need a business on the internet “because everyone else is doing it.”
You end up plugging away at some part-time business you don’t enjoy and never really wanted. Without enthusiasm, it’s unlikely you’ll have the drive to succeed.

Fuzzy concepts
You have a fuzzy idea of what the concept you want to start up, but can’t quite pin it down.
But you put the cart before the horse – and pay for a website and applications that you don’t follow through with. You could spend a lot of money before you find your niche on the net.
Concentrating on the ‘why’ can help you to nail down the ‘what’.

Mr Opinionated
You start up what looks and feels like an information site, but then litter it with your personal views and ravings. You would be better off with a blog where you can let your rants run rampant.
You’ve wasted a lot of time and effort – when you could have been building up a fanbase of people who would enjoy your acerbic demeanour.

You have a business you run locally at market stalls and through word-of-mouth.
A salesperson signs you up for internet advertising. Then you go off in a mad rush looking for a web designer to make you a website.
You go to a website designer, who talks you into a huge website, with lots of bells and whistles – and she charges like a wounded bull. Your hip pocket is now considerably lighter, but unfortunately your target market don’t go looking for your online.
If you really wanted a website, it only needed to be a few simple pages – but you’ve now created a expensive monster.

The sliced-bread methodology
You’ve found the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a no-brainer guarantee of success. Until next week that is, when you find the next big thing.
You find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands on ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.
Asking yourself ‘why’ could give you the path to follow, and the motivation to stick at it. Yes, all kinds of people are having amazing success at all kinds of things on the net – but you might be best off to find the things you are most passionate about, and make a success of them.