People browsing online have endless choices – they can find and buy a product within minutes, do their banking, socialize, learn and view all kinds of different content.

Where does video fit online? What compels people to sit and watch a video for minutes at a time, and if you own a blog or business, should you be putting your own videos online?

When can video go wrong?

When little thought has gone into the needs of the end-user of a product, things can go very wrong.  A video made for the sake of making a video is a poor choice if the video was made for promotion purposes. For example, if you own a tropical resort and you want to create a video to promote the features of your resort – it wouldn’t be helpful to make a video filmed during a storm and narrated by a person with a deadpan voice. People would avoid your resort on the strength of a video like that!

Remember – just because you can doesn’t mean that you should! Your business or blog’s branding and reputation online can suffer with video that just doesn’t work.

To illustrate, here’s a video we had made to show how a bad video can made you look, well, bad:


Putting video online – Pros and Cons

The following video is a discussion on the best uses and the downsides of video.

What are the best things about video online? Will people sit through posts on a blog that are posted as video? When do personalities on video turn people off watching? Is it better to break up a long video in smaller chunks?



Why video?

Video is one of the things that can take up a great deal of time for visitors online – video can take longer to get a message across than text.

That said, people are watching video in greater numbers and for greater periods of time than ever before. In 2011, YouTube announced they had reached the over 3 billion views per month mark – which they state is the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video each day.

Video can be a very useful tool – and it is most useful when it meets the needs of the end-user, whether the user is looking for entertainment or information.



What can video provide than text can’t?

Video can provide things that text can struggle with:

Clarity – especially when demonstrating something
Personality – Facial expressions, voice, tone, inflection and the individual style of the person speaking
Entertainment – Humans are very visual and they respond to video on many levels
Engagement – Due to all the above, video can engage and hold attention longer than text
Video online has many different purposes:

– Video as a how-to
– Video as a series of testimonials
– Video as company news
– Video as a product promotion
– Video as a buzz-creator
– Video for a travel site
– Video as entertainment
– Video as a social medium

More information:



Video is a great tool and is growing in popularity – but when the end-user isn’t considered, it can at best be annoying and at worst hurt the reputation of the video’s creator.