How to wrap text around WordPress images

wordpress around images

If you add an image to your WordPress post or page and you want the text to wrap around it, you just need to select either left or right for the image.

If you’ve already uploaded an image to your page, you can right-click the image – which will bring up the the edit and delete options. Choose the edit option (the picture with a scene in it).

You can do the same with an image ad, if you want text to wrap around it.






If you don’t choose an alignment, your picture will align as in the picture below. (Also, if you choose ‘none’.)

Text will not flow around the image.

wordpress none









If you choose ‘center’, your image will be placed centre on the page. Text will not wrap around the image.

wordpress center




If you choose left, your image will align left and the text will wrap to the right.


wordpress left




If you choose right, your image will align right and your text will wrap to the left.

wordpress right