Work At Home


Can I really make money on the internet in a work-at-home business?

Yes, you really can.
Almost everyone has the ability to earn some degree of income on the net. But just don’t think that there are companies waiting there to take you by the hand and show you how to make hundreds a day. Don’t waste your time and money on scammers. (If the opportunity was really so easy, why would they be teaching you how to do it? Why wouldn’t they just keep it a secret?)
More often than not, you have to make your own work from home business opportunities. It’s a matter of planning and research.
Work smarter, not harder
Some people are flat out working two or three jobs, and wondering if there’s a better way. Or maybe you’re studying during the day, delivering pizzas at night, and wondering how you’re going get your assignments done. Maybe you’re a mother of small children who wishes to work but stay at home with your children at the same time.
Whatever your story, there’s an online business for you. You might be looking for a little extra income, or you might be looking for a lot. There’s nothing wrong with starting out small and seeing what happens.

Work from home ideas:

Ebay and other online auctions
Although consumers are not going crazy over bidding wars on Ebay as they were in the early years, there is still good money to be made.  If you find a product that you think would sell well, that Ebay is not already flooded with – research the item to see if you can get it in bulk for a much cheaper price. You may not make a great deal of profit on each item that you sell – but if you sell a lot, the profits will soon up add up.
Pay special attention to the lists of ‘hot sellers’ that Ebay puts out every year. For example, if you see that clothing for 10 year old boys have been a hot seller, you might like to try selling t-shirts for this age group.
The Ebay Seller Resources page has stacks of information on things like hot sellers and how to grow your business.

Online shop
If you start up a new business, you will need to build up a good name, and you will need to carefully work out how you are going to promote your business before you get started. You will need a safe and secure means for your customers to buy from you. People will only tend to buy from websites they trust. To find out what’s hot in regards to products, check out the Ebay link above. Read forums where the people who will be buying your goods or services go – forums can be a wealth of information.

Bloggers write their personal thoughts on anything from their own lives to government policies, or they might post updates, news or other information. It takes an original writing style, and highly interesting or targetted content to build traffic.

You can make money through advertisements on your site, or through selling products and services of your own. The topics of certain blogs are easier to monetize. For instance, it’s easier to monetize a blog that is all about healthy diets, than a blog about the diets of ancient Egyptians.
Blogs are constantly updated, and take up a great deal of time each week.
It’s very difficult to build a popular blog, but not impossible.

Before you start, read the blogs of successful bloggers such as and

Then look up blogs that are focused on the topic you want to write about. Read and learn.

Discussion forums
Forums are a place where you can go to discuss ideas and network with other work-from-home business owners. Try work-at-home forums – but also try general forums and niche forums that interest you.
You might even make friends who are willing to start up a home business enterprise with you. As an example, some mothers have joined together to start up home-businesses making cloth nappies – and they sell them to other mothers over the internet.

Become an affiliate publisher
If you have a website that brings in a good amount of traffic, you could try to monetize it with an affiliate program such as Clix Galore or Commission Junction.
With an affiliate program, you place advertisers banners and links on your website, and you gain commissions when a web user buys a product or service from the advertiser through these banners and links.

If you want to try affiliate marketing – do it the smart way. Become a part of affiliate marketing communities, such as the Affiliate Programs forum at Digital Point.

After joining a community, it’s important to be polite when posting and not to expect anyone to take you by the hand and show you what to do. People are there to network and to learn, just like you. So start reading through previous posts, test out what you learn on your own website, and share with the community.

An option for an online affiliate marketing shop is to start up a site through a company such as – they make starting up a shop fast and easy (although don’t think that this option comes with ready-made customers. it doesn’t!)

Flipping websites
Flipping websites is a lot like buying a house for a cheap price, giving it a makeover – and then selling it for a higher price. If you have the right skills, you can do this with websites. If a website has good page rank, good traffic or great content – but the design, search engine optimization or something else is holding it back – a good shake up could suddenly increase its worth. A redesign, quick rewrite of content, or some careful seo could be all the site needs to reach its full potentia

Crafts and scrapbooking
If you have good knowledge and skills in arts and crafts, you may be able to start up a niche website. On your niche site, you could sell your own items,  sell items from craft companies, make commission from affiliate products/sponsored ads – or let people know about a craft market at which you sell your products on weekends.
You could also join craft or scrapbooking sites and see if there are any job openings, even if it is in a volunteer capacity at first. Many scrapbooking sites take on creative people.

Writing articles
There are thousands of magazines out there that need content. And don’t just look at your local magazine stand for inspiration. There are also online magazines and websites that constantly require fresh material. You don’t need to have a degree in journalism to write an article, but you do you need to be able to produce well-researched and engaging writing. Take a short article-writing course at your local college and learn how to quickly put absorbing articles together.

If you can write well, there’s another option you might not have thought of. The internet thrives on content – good, high-quality content. You can start up your own website or magazine – and provide well-researched information, how-to’s on a subject that you are passionate about.
In order to grow, the site must be different from its competitors in some way that is important to your targeted web users.
If you go down this path, don’t expect to make money straight away. Take your time building up your website and making your site the best and most useful it can be. You need to understand that what you are building is an asset in its own right.

Here is a video that explains a little about the freelance article-writing market online.

Take your job home
If you are currently renting office space for your business, you may be able to start up a home office – with a website to help people find you.

Look carefully for genuine opportunities
Unfortunately, the work-at-home industry on the internet is wide open to scams. Tread carefully and question everything.  And remember – when you see an opportunity that sounds amazing – Don’t just jump in, research it first!
And be sure to read our ‘Don’t get scammed’ tips.