Work From Home Scams

You’ve stumbled across an offer that sounds amazing. You think it’s your lucky day – but you have to act fast – the offer is closing soon…

Scammers know just what to write to hook people in. They make it sound as though you would be crazy not to register with their program, or buy the ‘vital’ piece of information that they are selling. They make it sound as though it is urgent that you ACT NOW.

Some of these scams include:

Processing rebates

You are meant to gain $15 or so each time you fill out a form to give a customer a rebate for a product that they have bought. It doesn’t work like that, and if companies DID desperately need people to fill out forms like this, they would pay someone $15 an hour (or less) more likely!

Secret opportunity

There are sites that advertise amazing opportunities, but don’t tell you what the business is or what is does. It’s a big secret! There is usually a free download, or free information via email to begin with – but then you need to pay $50, $75, $200 or more to find out what the secret is. And what is it? Well, the secret business is to sell other people exactly the same thing that you just signed up for. In other words – you are selling thin air. In order to sell this thin air, you will need to pay out a lot in advertising, or spend a lot of time trying to promote this secret opportunity – and not make much money for all that effort.

Data entry and filling out forms

There are legitimate jobs in data entry – but you will find these at legitimate job sites, for legitimate companies. If it’s through an ad that promises that you can make hundreds of dollars a day simply by spending a couple of hours each day typing a few words in a few forms – there is a scam attached.

Paid surveys

There are legitimate survey companies – but there are many more that are not. There are some who are borderline – they do carry out surveys for legitimate companies – but they will send you survey after survey for you to fill out, but will tell you that you don’t quite fit the criteria, so they can’t pay you for your time. And there are others who simply want to gain your email address so that they can sell it, or spam you themselves.

A product that sells itself

Yes, that’s right – an incredible product that is so hot that everyone wants it. Even more incredibly – some person or company is desperate for strangers to sell this product on the internet – rather than sell it themselves. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Well, that person or company is putting you in their downline, and making money every time you sell the product. The only way you can sell the product is to heavily advertise. (using google adwords etc) You may make the money that they say – but you may spend more on advertising that you’re making in your pocket. Your only way of making any money at all is to scam other people and get them in your downline. Satisfaction = 0

Email processing

See ‘secret opportunity’ above.

Typing at home

See ‘secret opportunity’ above

Don’t get discouraged!
Don’t think that every opportunity you might find online is bogus. There are genuine opportunities and there are people who can teach you a lot!

Just be sure to research, research, research before you start.
Also be sure to check the sites which give comprehensive information about fraud and scams on the internet.

Internet fraud tips from the national Consumers League’s Internet Fraud watch: